Frequently Asked Questions

    How should we pack boxes?

    This is often one of the most overlooked areas for clients who chose to pack their own boxes. There is an appropriate size box for everything and, not all boxes are good for all things. First of all, books should never be packed in anything bigger than a “book” box. These are the average size of liquor boxes and/or file boxes. They are around 1.5 cubic feet in size. Dishes should be packed in “dish” boxes or in the smaller book boxes. A dish box is heavy corrugated and can end up weighing up to 75 pounds when packed. Dishes should be placed on their sides with plenty of “crushed” paper at the bottom.

    After carefully wrapping each plate in paper and filling the bottom another layer of crushed paper should be put on top and then another layer of smaller plates can be put in. At the top, glasses, also wrapped in paper, can be stood upright. Pots, pans, can be packed in larger (medium size, 3.1-3.5 cubic ft) boxes. Linens also can be packed in these medium size boxes. Blankets, pillows, overstuffed lighter items can be packed in “large” boxes, 6.1 cubic ft boxes. Liquids, flammables, etc. should not be packed for movers to move. They need to be disposed of, given to friends or transported in clients’ car.

    How should I mark my boxes?

    Always mark where the box will be placed in the new home. If it is fragile, mark it such with arrows indicating what side is up. Also, it is helpful to mark at least 2 of the sides of the boxes because it will be easier for the movers to spot the markings when they are stacked in the truck.

    What do I do with jewelry?

    Always handle jewelry yourself. Because it is easy to misplace a piece or to not know exactly what you had before the move, it is important to not leave it for the movers.

    How do we handle electronics?

    Electronics need to be completely disconnected and, if needed, disassembled because this often is very technical and our staff, even though very experienced, they cannot consistently know the details

    What do we do with things in our dresser drawers?

    If it is just clothes, linens and light non-breakable items, they can stay in the drawers. Heavy linens like placemats and tablecloths that are in drawers in a hutch or buffet should be taken out as the weight is sometimes a bit much for the delicate legs of the buffets.

    How should heavy glass, marble and large valuable artwork/statues be handled?

    These pieces should always be crated by a professional. If not properly packed in boxes designed specifically to protect them, insurance most often will not cover damage sustained during the move, even if it is only a short distance. Chandeliers also should be properly crated to insure that no damage is done during the move.

    I want to do some packing but am not sure if I can do it all, where should I start?

    This is not always asked but, I always bring it up because it is one of the most overlooked parts of the move process…the amount of time it takes to sort and pack everything in a house. The answer is to start packing the items furthest from the living space. This would be spare rooms, closets, attics, garages etc.

    Once those areas have been sorted and packed then the common living areas: living room, dining room, master bedroom and kitchen can be packed. The rationale is that the further items are from your living space the more likely it is that those items will not be needed. Also, pictures, lamps and mirrors should be left for last because these are items that, if you run out of time, the movers can easily pack up during the move. Also, those items are the more difficult to find boxes for.

    Do I need to tip the crew?

    It is a common practice to do so but, is not mandatory. It is up to the discretion of the homeowner and should only be done if they are completely satisfied with the work they did. Rule of thumb for tipping is to never tip less than $20/person and, if they have been doing the work for a few days, it should reflect the time that was put into the move.