Our Moving Services

Residential Moving

Our state of the art air-ride equipped vehicles and expertly trained staff can professionally move an heirloom or an entire large estate. We move across town, throughout the continental United States or around the globe and will customize our moving services to specifically meet our client’s needs. While we do many moves locally around Naples and Marco Island Florida, as well as New Hampshire, we also specialize in long distance moving.

Wine Handling and Storage

We have some of the most experienced staff in the country to handle fine wine collections. They are constantly being trained by some of the country’s most respected specialists. Claude Robbins, owner of the International Wine Guild, has provided extensive training in wine packing, handling, transportation and storage to our company.

We have a wine storage unit in our Naples, Florida, warehouse to accommodate our serious wine enthusiasts.

Designer Receiving and Delivery

Many of our valued clients rely on custom designers to assist them in building, remodeling and furnishing their residences and businesses. Most builders, cabinetmakers and designers do not have storage or manpower to receive, store and deliver their clients items. Many have turned to William C. Huff Companies to manage these needs for them. Our reputation for prompt, courteous and professional service assures businesses that we will handle their most discriminating customer’s needs with care.

Commercial Moving

We understand the importance of efficiency when moving other businesses. Whether it is a doctor’s office, architectural firm or a manufacturing business, it is essential to make sure the move gets done as quickly and carefully as possible. It is not uncommon for our people to meet with office managers more than once prior to the move, to make sure every department is organized for move day. We can also arrange weekend or holiday move dates help keep our clients in business during their regular hours.

Climate Controlled Storage

Climate controlled storage is a must when storing your items long and short term. Items that are not stored at a climate-controlled-facility are at risk of acquiring damage from mold, insects and rapid temperature changes. At William C. Huff Companies we offer two state of the art storage facilities, one located in Naples, Florida and one in Barrington, New Hampshire. Both of our facilities are clean, neat and alarmed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Packing and Crating

William C. Huff Companies has experienced staff that can pack the most delicate breakables. Whether it’s just a few lamps and pictures or an entire household, we can make the stressful task of “packing” a lot easier. We also offer in-house custom crate building for expensive art, heavy glass, marble and large paintings.

Private Family Services

domestic estates

Domestic Estate Management Association

Over the years of exceeding our clients’ expectations our company has caught the attention of a number of private families and we handle all of their logistics in the large estates around the country. At this very, very sophisticated level of service lies a number of nuances which the average home would not encounter.

First and foremost is privacy. Our staff are hand-picked and thoroughly trained to uphold the privacy of our clients to the highest level. Clients are never discussed in public, what is seen is never mentioned and never are pictures taken.

Secondly, private families want a sense of security. The fewer people in the home the more secure they feel. We take this to a whole new level by assigning our senior staff members to a family for life. Whenever there is a need for logistics support we send the same team members each and every time for the individual families.

And, the third most important thing with our private clients is experience and training. Since much of what we handle is not just expensive but, often times, irreplaceable one of a kind items, it is important for us to have staff that has many years’ experience in all aspects of wine, art, furnishings etc, but they also need to have specialized training. Most of our staff have had opportunities to have one on one training with people like, Claude Robbins, owner of the International Wine Guild and with Merv Richards, Chief Conservator at the National Gallery of Art.

Often, when working with a private family, our staff works directly with an estate manager or personal assistant. It is their job to make sure that the estate owner gets the service they require with no complications or mistakes. The larger the estate is the higher the risk for something to not go smoothly. Recognizing the need to understand the managers, our company partnered with Domestic Estate Management Association. At monthly meetings best practices are discussed amongst the managers and top service providers. As a national award winner from DEMA, the William C Huff Co. has demonstrated that our staff meets the highest standards of client service in our industry.

Moving Supplies

Often our customers like to pack some or their entire household. Instead of trying to collect boxes at the local grocers or going to over-priced retail stores, our clients can get all of their packing supplies from us.

Boxes, tape, clean paper, bubblewrap etc. can be delivered or picked up right at our offices. When purchasing boxes through us you are only charged for what you use.

In other words if you buy 20 boxes and only use 10, we will take the unused boxes back and you will not be charged.

The Starter Kit

20 book boxes, 10 medium boxes, 5 large boxes, 1 paper bundle and 1 tape roll.

The Professional Kit

“The Pro” 40 book boxes, 20 medium boxes, 10 large boxes, 1 paper bundle and 2 tape rolls.

Moving Kits

For your convenience, we make packing materials available to you. We will even drop them off at your home … to save you time and aggravation.

Book Boxes – books, china, CD’s, small-heavy items
Medium Boxes – small lampshades, linens, food, pots n’ pans
Large Boxes – large lampshades, medium size lamps, pillows and linens
Extra Large Boxes – pillows, large lights and delicate items
Letter totes – paperwork, office supplies
Lamp box – large/tall lamps
Dish Barrel – dishes, large vases and large bulky items
Picture Cartons – any and all wall hanging pictures and mirrors
Wardrobes – closet clothes and coats, prevents clothes from being wrinkled
Mattress Boxes and Bags – all sizes available, keeps mattresses clean
Stretchwrap – protects upholstered furniture from dust, dirt and harsh weather elements
Bubblewrap – small and large available, great for pictures, china and all fragile items
Packing Paper – bleached newsprint (this keeps all belongings ink free)
Tape – We also offer custom packing supply kits to that are sold at a discounted price!