September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Many of the clients we work with in Naples, FL and at our NH offices, have designers from New York City (NYC) we love. NYC interior designers know that their sophisticated homeowners rely on them to make their dreams a reality in their New England and Florida homes. Here are 3 favorite interior designers in NYC.

Victoria Haglan Interior Designers NYC

VICTORIA HAGAN For over 25 years Victoria Hagan has been reimagining how interior designs can seamlessly make a statement that is classical, luxurious and with a modern flair. Her accomplishments extend from San Francisco, Chicago, Florida and New York. Her team of 26 designers covers all the essential details in a 20,000 square foot NYC penthouse renovation to the entire construction and interior design of a multi building estate in southern Florida. Victoria launched her own line of furniture, fabrics and rugs in 2002 and her signature collection is available for other top designers to layer into their own interior design projects.

Betty Wasserman Interior Designers NYC

BETTY WASSERMAN ARTS AND INTERIORS In 1996 Betty began her interior design career in NYC after spending 10 years as a private art dealer. Betty utilizes her sense of art in creating, designing and building modern furnishings which compliment visual art and encompasses art into the interiors which she designs. NYC lofts and Hampton cottages are 2 of her areas of specialty. She has won numerous accolades for her inspiring use of art and furnishings in her interior design work. Her use of wood and steel embraces a minimalistic, yet warm, approach to interior design.

Chango and Co. Interior Designers NYC

CHANGO AND COMPANY Creative director Susana Simonpietri, began Chango and Co. in 2009. Her team of interior architects and designers has gained immense recognition in a short period of time. A simple, honest approach is their basic mantra to interior design. Working together with “nice people with open minds”, is one of their corporate philosophies and, it has served them well. With dozens and dozens of acclaimed projects for homes, restaurants and businesses, Chango and Co. has built a reputation for exceeding client expectations.

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