September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

The Florida Board of Realtors estimates that over 1000 people are moving to Florida every day. Many of these people are retiring baby boomers moving from the Northeast or Midwest. There are an estimated 21 million residents in Florida with over 9 million homes/condos. The demand for more and more electricity is enormous. However, the “Sunshine State” is the perfect state to have solar panels to displace the high demand for fossil fuel generated electricity. If you are a baby boomer moving to Florida you should consider buying a house with solar power. Here are 3 top reasons baby boomers should choose buying a solar powered home in Florida:

Affordable solar homes

1) The cost of having solar on a home in Florida is cost effective. The cost of an average household solar system is not much more than the average monthly electric bill and, since the panels have a lifespan of 25 or more years, the electricity is free after about 6 years. 2) Baby boomers moving to Florida who pick a house with solar power in Florida will be saving the environment. With over 9 million homes already in Florida it is estimated that the total amount of CO2 produced to power these homes in Florida is more than 127 billion pounds per year!! The average yearly consumption of electricity per household is 40% more than the national average 10,099 kwh/year. One kwh produces an average of one pound of CO2. 3) Baby boomers who choose to buy a house with solar in Florida will create new jobs.

Affordable solar homes

It is estimated that 2 new jobs are created for every 25 homes that have solar. If one half of the estimated 1000 people per day who move into Florida were to pick homes with solar then more than 10 new jobs would be created every day or, 3650 new jobs per year. Currently there is a new home builder, JLH Sustainable Housing, which is creating brand new homes in Florida that not only are run off 100% solar power but, are made almost entirely out of recycled material. These steel structures are hurricane proof, almost completely mold proof, termite proof and are 2 times more efficient than conventionally built homes. Retiring baby boomers who are moving to Florida can find out more about these unique homes by contacting the William C Huff Companies. The president of the William C Huff Companies, Jim L. Henderson, is the founder of JLH Sustainable Housing and the first of its kind home is just being finished and is available for tours in Naples, Florida.

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