September 5, 2023
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Jim Henderson
national moving company

National moving companies like Allied, Bekins, and Mayflower gained recognition as corporate partners with large companies like GE, Westinghouse and IBM. As these companies grew and added employees (especially managers and executives) these national moving companies were able offer service around the globe by having franchises that provided predictable quality services for their corporate clients. From the 50’s through the mid 80’s, these companies were the face of cross-country moving. As corporate America began to “downsize” and many of these large corporations began to out-source, the demand for this type of moving service began to decline. In the early 90’s the cross-country moving industry (regulated through a government agency called Interstate Commerce Commission) changed forever as the ICC was phased out and the moving industry became wide-open for non-national companies to compete for the cross-country business. With the decline in popularity of national moving companies, smaller and cheaper companies filled in the gap for cross-country moving. By the end of the 90’s, many corporations were now just giving allowances for their executives to chose the mover they wanted. Without the lucrative corporate national accounts many national moving companies had to resort to using temporary laborers and independent driver-operators to do the national moving. Quality in the industry rapidly declined and as the internet grew and more and more, national moving companies relied on slick websites and search ratings to gain business. The quality of cross-country continued to decline. William C Huff Companies actually had a brief working relationship with a national moving company in the early 2000’s. The first few years were good and we were able to use their cross-country networks to help provide high level service to our clients. By the time the recession came, the level of service declined and we were no longer able to associate with the national moving company. Having seen the rise and fall of national moving companies, we feel very strongly about why our services are superior to that of national moving companies. Here are three main reasons to use William C Huff Companies over a national moving company:

Because William C Huff Companies does not sub-contract any workers and because the average experience of its’ tenured staff is more than eight years, homeowners know that they are going to have a great experience. We never use day laborers on the other end of a move and always keep the same staff throughout the move, no matter where or how long the move takes.

Since national moving companies are always trying to fill their large cross-country moving trucks with as many clients as possible, it is almost impossible for the national moving company to be on-time when picking-up or delivering for a homeowner. It only takes one family to not be able to get everything onto a truck for the scheduling to go bad, or if the closing for a house sale falls through and the unloading has to be delayed a day or two, the trickle-down effect is catastrophic. Because William C Huff Companies only works with one client at a time we are always able to be on time for the packing and loading and for the delivery at the destination. Also, since the service offered by William C Huff Companies is not price driven, the equipment, facilities and vehicles are all in great working condition and there seldom are any mishaps with downtime.

Most national moving companies rely on independent salespeople to represent and produce a sale for them. Often the person estimating has never been on a moving crew and does not understand all that is entailed in a move. Consequently, the estimate and the final bill for services can be considerably off. Also since the salesperson works on a commission, there is incentive to “under-price” the estimate just to make the sale. This leaves a very bad taste in homeowners’ mouth when the final bill is thousands more than the estimate. Many times the national moving company driver (independent contractor) will not unload at the destination until the price difference is paid. Most state laws allow this and the homeowner has no recourse at all. Since William C Huff Companies never uses a commissioned salesperson and every estimator has had several years of working in the field, there is no incentive to under sell the homeowner. Also, since the companies’ reputation is so solid, the company doesn’t have to rely on price to stay busy. In fact, it is often hard to get scheduled with William C Huff Companies for a move because there is such a demand for the quality service. Using William C Huff Companies for their moves for over 31 years, our clients know that they can consistently rely on quality, value and peace of mind. Once a client, always a client with William C Huff White Glove Moving and Storage Companies.

William C. Huff Companies is committed to simplifying the complicated maze of moving and storing your priceless possessions. With over 40 full-time, tenured, and highly trained staff, you can be assured that your move will be handled smoothly and professionally, from the first phone call until the last box is unpacked.