September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Tampa is one of the fastest growing cities in North America. If you are moving to Tampa, Florida from across the country here are 4 tips I would recommend before making the trek.

If you are hiring a moving company to move cross country to Tampa, Florida you should research the company you choose very thoroughly. Unfortunately the internet can make any company look like something that they are not. Recently a storage client of ours decided to hire a company they found on the internet to move cross country. We highly advised against it but, since the price was “too good to be true”, the client made the plunge with the cheap company. The company that showed up had about 3 names on the side of the converted “Budget” box trucks, everything did not fit and many things were left behind. I do not know the details but I am certain that the move of the first 2 trucks likely went poorly and, the client has hired yet another company to come and get what is left. This, I am sure, will end up costing the client more than if they had just hired us.

If you are moving cross country from the Northeast or from the Mid-West to Tampa, Florida, keep in mind that the décor is different in Tampa and not all your household possessions will fit in the new home. If you cannot picture exactly where and how items will fit into the new home, do not pay a moving company to move and/or store those items, only to have to get rid of it later. Throwing things out can also be a satisfying “cleansing” of the mind, if you will. Today’s homes tend o be more minimalistic in how they are furnished and, fewer things means fewer worries.

Before buying all new things to outfit your home in Tampa, take some time to visit one of the many charity resale shops. These shops often have items to outfit a whole household and, much of it is like brand new. You can purchase like new for a fraction of new and, you are helping the local charity community at the same time.

The Tampa-St Pete area is one the most storied and oldest communities in Florida. As early as the mid 1500’s, De Soto was one of the first to explore Tampa Bay but left when he found there was no gold. Over 300 years went by before cigar maker Don Vincente Martinez-Ybor brought cigar making to Tampa and the now historical area known as Ybor City began in Tampa Bay. One of only 3 national historical sites in Florida, Ybor City has quaint brick buildings and cobblestone streets. Many arts and entertainment activities take place yearly here and the local beer is called Ybor City Beer. I hope you found this helpful. -Jim

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