September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

There are many reasons why moving to Tampa Florida is a good idea. Warm weather, great beaches, lots of activities and local history are several of the many reasons. Here are 5 other benefits for moving to Tampa Florida.

moving to tamps florida

It is said that of all the towns and cities in Florida, Tampa has the friendliest people. Why wouldn’t people be friendly? With Busch Gardens in the neighborhood, many people enjoy bringing their children and grandchildren for the entertainment so, there are smiles everywhere…except for a few people who might still be recovering the “scariest ride of their lives”

Let’s face it; the Midwest and the Northeast are nothing but traffic jams and delays. With so many commuters going to and from work, the roads are always bumper to bumper. And, construction is everywhere, making it even more congested. In Tampa Florida, life is definitely more relaxed and traffic is easier to deal with.

Being one of the older cities in Florida, Tampa has a history that goes back over 300 years. Visiting this various landmarks is exciting and educational. There is always something to learn about Florida’s history in Tampa.

There are several professional sports teams in Tampa Florida and, whether you route for the local team or, you route for the team that you grew up with in the Northeast or the Midwest, there’s always a reason to get a game in, in Tampa Florida.

In Tampa Florida, there are many cultures from around the world and all of them have foods which can satisfy any palette. With hundreds of restaurants representing dozens of countries from around the world, the fusion of flavors is endless. Let us know if you need help moving. We would be happy to help and hit the Columbia after. -Jim

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