September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Every year millions of people make New Years’ resolutions. Going on a diet is the number one resolution Americans make…most of which are not kept. Maybe a resolution to not have a resolution would be good. Or, here’s another idea…let’s resolve to do something that really makes an impact on the world around us.

make a difference this year

As we enter 2019 I believe most of us have pretty much had it with “status quo” business, political, socio-economic and environmental practices. If you are like me, it just becomes more of the same…”Blah, blah, blah”. And, nothing really every changes that much. If anything, it seems that much of what we experience is getting worse. Many of those around me know that I really have not ever been much of a “in the box” person. In fact, I have built a business around being different. Also, I have a penchant for telling stories. Which reminds me… Going into our second year with owning William C Huff Company, we were struggling to get enough work to give full time work for our staff. There was a recession and things were tight. I decide that, going into the New Year, we needed a slogan that could boost morale and help set the course for the New Year. I had a small banner made and it said. “1990…Make A Difference, Be Different”. That was 29 years ago and I still think we approach doing business much differently than most others. So, upon our 30th anniversary I thought I would dig up the same slogan but, put a more personal twist on it. “BE THE DIFFERENCE YOU WANT TO SEE THIS YEAR” Hopefully this slogan is one that can challenge us on a personal level to stop and think about what we do each day and how we can actually do things differently in our day to day routines. I can promise everyone that if we do, than there will be a difference in what we see at the end of the year…unlike the diet planJ Just a few practical suggestions that will help making us think and act differently.

That’s great but, we can do way, way more. My suggestion would be to take time in 2019 to actually study the facts about our carbon footprint. (Go to the EIA website  to get facts on how non-renewables affect our environment…you will be amazed and how harmful all the stuff around us truly is). Here are a few common things that 90% of the world does not know (including Bill Gates, who recently misquoted some statistics on how much electricity pollutes the Earth).

By knowing more about the facts, we will likely be more empowered to act accordingly. Here’s one strong hint: Solar, Solar, Solar. Yes, it is actually no more expensive to convert your home (average homes) from conventional electricity to solar. Call a qualified and recommended installer and get a couple of quotes. Doing the math, most people will find that a $20-$25,000 system, with a 30% tax credit, will cost not much more than their current monthly electric bill. And, it will feel great to actually do something BIG for the environment. Oh, and the 30% tax credit changes to 27% in 2020…best to act soon. Here’s a picture of our FL warehouse 3 years ago. With 528 panels and 137 KW of power, we have saved over 638,000 pounds of CO2 from the environment!!! It was a “bold” decision 3 years ago but, one that we do not regret.

Solar Storage Units Naples FL

So, let’s all try to “BE THE DIFFERENCE WE WANT TO SEE” in 2019.

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