May 7, 2024
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Today, the term “Downsizing” resonates with millions of homeowners. As 75 million Americans retire, the prospect of downsizing their life, home, and possessions, many are finding they are having to put their downsizing on hold because of health with aging parents and/or their own health. My wife and I are perfect examples of having our planned downsize put on hold.

Our Story

About 31/2 years ago, our 37-year-old son died in a tragic accident. This prompted us to start thinking about downsizing and simplifying our lives. Both sets of parents had passed, so there were no concerns about taking care of aging parents, as many downsizer's do. However, about 2 ½ years ago my wife’s younger brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Because no one in the family could help him (he is a 61-year-old single guy), we decided to care for him by having him move to our home.

We have a summer home in NH and planned to spend one last summer there before selling it and downsizing our lives. Now, we have put those plans on hold while we care for my wife’s brother, who is in decline with his cancer.

Downsizing is emotionally difficult in and of itself, but having to put our emotions and actions on hold indefinitely intensifies them. What we have been used to for the past twenty years is rapidly changing. Shifting gears and keeping a good attitude is not easy. Both my wife and I have had unexpected heart problems, so our goals were to simplify and do some traveling while we could. We have made plans this September to go to Ireland and Scotland, the birthplace of my wife’s entire family. This is now questionable.

Downsizing Tip: Don't Wait!

In summary, there is no time like the present to downsize. If you have the window, do it now before your life gets put on hold! We have talked at great lengths on this blog about the benefits of downsizing. Start reaping the benefits today, and don't wait, because life can happen really fast and hold you back from the best laid plans.

We wish you all good health and a fun summer ahead. Happy downsizing! 


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