September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Southwest Florida was devastated by Hurricane Ian this fall. Donation centers around SWFL are in desperate need for everything from furniture, bedding and food to vehicles. Many donation centers have specific things they are looking for to help needy families with during this crisis. Here are five donation centers to consider donating to during the holiday season:

1)  St Matthews House - One of the most noticed of all charity organizations in southwest Florida, St Matthews House specializes in furnishings and clothing. They also do food drives and reach out to the homeless. They have an extensive rehabilitation program that helps people with addiction.

2)  Helps Outreach - Helps Outreach was founded by a retired couple who began helping single moms find shelter and basic living needs like furniture, everyday household items, clothing and food. In just a few years, this organization has grown and now meets the needs of hundreds of struggling families throughout SWFL. They often do food drives through local churches, which helps get food to needy families.

3)  St Vincent De Paul - St Vincent De Paul is similar to St Matthews House and has a few thrift stores in SWFL where people can find clothing, household goods and furnishings. St Vincent De Paul also helps with food drives to meet the needs of many families who do not have enough food.

4)  Salvation Army - One of the truly iconic national charities, the Salvation Army is well recognized in every community as a bastion for everything from clothes to furnishings. There are several Salvation Army thrift stores throughout SWFL and they are always accepting good, used donations that people can purchase for a fraction of what new would cost.

5)  Friends of Foster Children Forever - Friends of Foster Children Forever helps to meet the needs of foster families who struggle to provide the basic needs of the children they foster. From basic diapers and formula to beds and mattresses, FFCF is in the gap, helping abused children get a fresh start. They also provide tutoring and mentoring for children who struggle with keeping up in school. More than 50% of foster children do not graduate high school. Cash donations to FFCF help pay for the tutors who are getting these children through high school and into post-secondary schools.

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