September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Close to 100 million Americans are beginning the process of downsizing their homes. There will be decisions to be made about what to do with $40 trillion of physical assets, much of which no one will want. Deciding to recycle as much as possible before you downsize will help our environment and possibly help others who may be in need. Donating is always the best way to get unwanted items recycled because donation centers can sell those items to people who are in need or to patrons who support those donation centers.

Here are five items that can be forward-cycled before you downsize:

1) Bedroom dressers – Dressers are always something non-profits can resell to families in need. Often they can be repainted or restored to look brand new.

2) Dining room sets – New dining room sets are very expensive and many do not have the quality that older sets have. Donation centers always need good condition dining room sets.

3) Dishware – Many single-parent families need to have basic cooking and service utensils. There are specific donation centers who will ask for these items to help single parents get a fresh start.

4) Clothing – Most donation centers love to get good condition clothes because there is a big need for inexpensive clothes. There also are several people who specifically look for classic or “retro” clothing for era-specific theme parties like the 60’s or 80’s.

5) Linens – Good condition linens are also something that donation centers look for.

By sorting through and deciding what you will not need after you downsize, you can contact various donation centers for recycling unwanted items. Many non-profits will come and pick these items up, so you do not need to hire anyone to get them to the centers. William C Huff Companies works with all local non-profits to help homeowners before they downsize.

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