September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson
covid19 simplifying life

Covid-19 has changed the way many of us think of material things. Here are a few ways Covid-19 has made simplifying the new normal. 1. Fewer trips to the mall. America has had a national obsession with malls for decades. Families have spent dozens of hours a week separated by the various stores and shops and food courts. With many shops and stores not in operation and with the fear of contamination, families are staying at home and spending more time together. 2. Working from home. Many employees have found that they can do much, if not all, of their work from home. This cuts down on hours and hours of commuting time every week. 3. Less traveling means vehicles are lasting longer. The more miles driven the more maintenance and repairs are required. With many people working from home and not driving to malls and stores, cars are lasting longer and not needing to be taken for repairs. This puts more time with family and less time away. 4. No sports, conferences, games, weddings, large gatherings. The amount of time Americans commit to going to sporting events, traveling to conferences, planning parties and celebrations has been taken for granted; it’s just part of life. Or at least it was, until Covid-19. Literally dozens of hours per week on these activities can now be spent on simpler, more basic things like; learning to cook, or taking up a craft or just furthering one’s education. Covid-19 has shut down a lot of things which defined our everyday lifestyles. Most of us just took the time we spent on all of these things for granted. Like it or not, Covid-19 has made a more simplified life the new norm.

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