September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

The answer to this is actually a lot simpler than most people make it out to be. The number one thing is to NEVER hire a company that you have not researched and know to be a legitimate company. In today’s internet world more than 50% of all on-line companies are not real moving companies. They are “third party” clearing houses that “broker” the job to another no-name company. Every single horror story I have heard over the years has been a result of a homeowner who has trusted a smooth talking sales person from an internet company. Most commonly the horror is that the final bill is considerably more and, they won’t unload your items until the full amount is paid in full by cash or certified check…(state and federal laws actually allow for moving companies to collect in full before the unload is completed). Also, do not hire a local company because of its affiliation with a national van line that you might have had a great experience with in another part of the country or because you had a "corporate" move with them. Each region has different agents and none are the same as the other. And, a move you pay for versus one the company paid for are two different types of moves in the eyes of a national franchise. The service is always completely different when a company is paying the cost of the move. The best advice for selecting the right company is to ask neighbors, friends and family who they have used. When asking a realtor, be careful as they are supposedly bound by realtor ethics to recommend three companies. The problem is that they often will mention all three as if they are all the same… I know from experience that they never are the same. Generally there’s one that is superior and the others are going to leave you disappointed. Oh, and finally, never ever hire the company that has the lowest price. In our industry, that would be like trying to get the best price for surgery on your knee; you just wouldn’t consider it. And, if you did, you would regret it very soon after the surgery begins!

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