September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

We often have the privilege of handling the logistics of some really amazing pieces. Recently we got to move one of the world's more impressive pianos, an M. Liminal grand piano manufactured by Fazioli. Watch the video above. Only eight of these pianos have ever been crafted. With a price nearing a quarter of a million dollars, it's not an inexpensive item. It's also a unique item in that it can't be handled as many other grand pianos can be. Because of its inherent value, the piano needed to remain in its custom crate until the moment that it would be assembled. This meant sourcing a high-lift crane and then prepping both the lifting location as well as the landing spot. As this lift took place at a high-end, luxury high rise building, there were many factors that had to be considered: the parking lot at ground level, railings on the rooftop deck, the materials covering the deck itself, doorway sizes and of course the weather. (Lifting up a crate of this size is similar to raising a sail almost 250 feet off the ground right on the coast of the Gulf Of Mexico. There are few things that can shred nerves like watching a prized piano getting blown around by 15 mile per hour wind gusts.)

Piano Movers

After much prep time with the crane and the crate on ground level, the lift began. We had men on the ground to ensure the crate left the ground under control as well as a team on the roof to "catch" the piano as it crested the railing. Once the piano was on the deck, it was moved into place and removed from the crate and the installation prep began. Sunny Reuter, Raniero Tazzi and Milana Strezeva (from Europianos Naples) were all on hand to oversee the installation. Once the piano was in the home and assembled, Jim Bender took over and fine tuned and readied the piano. We were proud to be involved with this piano moving project and look forward to assisting you with your next exciting installation!

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