September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Many families will spend time together this Thanksgiving season and this will be a good time to talk downsizing. Often there are many things in a homeowner’s home which they have saved for family members over the years, but these now adult children likely will not want them when their parent downsizes.

The best way to talk downsizing during Thanksgiving is to begin with asking when the homeowner thinks they will need to downsize. Looking at potential moving dates and working the downsizing backwards. Age, health, and easier lifestyles are major reasons to talk downsizing and getting a perspective of when these will affect the homeowner will be a good starting point.

Some of the most obvious items many adult children will no longer want are the old sports trophies and ribbons from childhood days. Although they’re important reminders of times past, most adult children have moved on with other interests and those items likely can be tossed ahead of an anticipated downsize. Also, old college/high school textbooks and notebooks can be donated to a library or disposed of. These do not take up much room but getting them thrown out is a great way to begin to talk downsizing.

Furniture items in the attic or basement are also items which adult children likely will not want to have in their homes when the homeowner decides to downsize. Thanksgiving will be a great time to walk around the house and identify those furniture pieces which likely are no longer needed.

This Thanksgiving, if you spend time with your family members, take time to talk downsizing. This will make the actual downsizing go much more smoothly when the time comes.

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