September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson


Most people in the Naples/Marco Island area have, at some point, heard about the Dome Home. Located at the southern tip of Marco Island at Cape Romano sit� six domed structures. Development of the home site started in 1980 by Tennessean Bob Lee and was completed around four years later. The Lee family� owned the home through the 1980's. In 1989 the home was sold to George Wendell and then the home was purchased in 2005 by John Tosto. Tosto planned to renovate the home but ran into a litany of permitting and EPA issues.

dome house

Adding to the issues were the perpetually eroding coastline. Each year saw the home closer and closer to the water. Ultimately nature won and the home has been completely surrounded by water for some time now. With much of the land under the structures slowly disappearing each dome has started leaning in one direction or another, lending to its current post-apocalyptic appearance. It's become a bit of a tourist spot for those with a boat and a desire to see one Collier County's more interesting home sites. Seemingly floating in the Gulf, covered with graffiti and with chunks missing it is a strange and (strangely) beautiful site to behold. Questions have swirled around what would ultimately happen to the dome home, but it appears as though there is a plan. The Naples Herald has reported that a group of Naples locals and others are planning to dismantle and move the structures out into the waters as a permanent underwater reef. The land where the home originally sat will be donated to Oceans For Youth and dedicated to education and research.


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