September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Yesterday was a whirlwind. I was in Chicago for the incredible DEMA event in Chicago, then flew home to watch the Super Bowl. While I was there, several people asked, in addition to the weather, are there additional reasons to consider moving to Florida? It got me thinking about an article my friend Alysia Shivers wrote recently outlining 14 fabulous reasons to make Florida your home. While Alysia's  post is focused on Naples, the reality is South West Florida is booming and all the points in the article are valid for most of South West Florida.  In fact, this moving to Florida article says: "The largest migration to Lee county came from Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York during 2010-14. The largest migration to Collier County came from Massachusetts and Michigan. The St. Louis, Missouri area, which was one of the metro areas with the largest population loss, had more than 450 people move to Lee County and  nearly 340 to Collier." Many people we have helped move, have brought up the Florida Bright Futures as a large reason for the move. Here is the details for Florida residents.

Moving to florida -Florida Bright Futures Program

Consider this reason number 15 on Alysia's list. As always, if you need help getting here, we are here to help. See you on the beaches soon.

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