September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

At William C. Huff Companies, in addition to moving families locally and around the country, we regularly move estates to Florida from other states. We’ve seen large migrations in recent years from the northeast and southwest United States. While we’ve also assisted our clients with moves to those areas, we’ve been bringing more and more estates into the Sunshine State. In recent months we’ve moved families from Arizona, Texas, Virginia and New York. After moving the estate from Virginia I had a chance to speak with the estate manager about the reason for their move to Florida. He said that for his estate owner, the reason was primarily tax based. (Florida’s lack of income tax as well as sales taxes that are approximately 15% lower than the national average are a big draw for many people.) The estate manager also mentioned that the year-round beautiful weather also played a factor. The family that we moved from Arizona to Florida came for health reasons as the dry climate in Phoenix proved to be a bit much for them. (Humidity will decidedly not be a problem for them here in Naples!) Their move was challenging as they were downsizing from a 13,000 square foot home to a 4,000 square foot high rise condo. Their decision to move came very quickly and they found themselves in a tight spot when their house sold in a matter of days. Only a day or so later we had some time with them on the phone and were able to assist them with thoughts and ideas on how to downsize such a large percentage of their belongings and assets prior to their move. When our crew arrived they had successfully sold, donated and given away the items that they wouldn’t need once in Florida. (While we are more than happy to move every single item that a client owns, it can get expensive quickly. By downsizing prior to their move, our Arizona clients saved themselves an additional $15,000-$17,000 in moving expenses.) You can read some tips on spring cleaning and downsizing here! There are many, many reasons to consider Florida for your next home. Whether it’s for the astonishingly beautiful weather, better taxes or just to be closer to family there is a place here in the Sunshine State for you.

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