September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Piggy backing on yesterday's post, I had someone ask if there any con's of moving to Florida. My answer is depending on where you live, moving to Florida is full of Pros and, there are few cons, if any. I was thinking about it and within just a few minutes I came up with these Pros.

Northerners tend to spend less time exercising in the cold, icy winter months and in Florida, one can play tennis, golf, run, bike, and swim pretty much every day. I remember many years ago, when we first opened our Naples office and I was following up with an elderly couple, who were in their 90’s, and their voice mail read, “If you have called us between 9 am and 4 pm we are likely out playing tennis, golfing or taking a walk.” Heck, in New England someone in their 90’s wouldn’t be venturing out the front door for fear odf slipping on the ice and breaking a hip!

In parts of the Northeast and Mid-West, where grey cloudy weather can prevail for days or, even weeks, the term Seasonal Affect Disorder is used to express the depression people experience. Those people who move to Florida will never need to worry about SAD because, in Florida, the sun shines, on average, at least 355 days out of the year.

As one of the leading agricultural states in the country, vegetables, fruits and nuts are grown 12 months of the year. “Florida Fresh” is not just a saying but a reality. There really is no time in the year where a person cannot find fresh grown produce.

Given that people, who move to Florida, can exercise regularly, are not cooped up inside with weeks on end of dreary weather and, can eat healthy food, they are much happier. Statistics show that many towns in Florida, like Naples, have the highest percentage of “happy” people in the US. Lets’ face it, who doesn’t want to be surrounded by happy people? If you are considering a move to Florida and, and you can come up with any good reasons to “not” move to Florida, let me know. After 23 years of living here in Florida, I still cannot come up with a real solid “Con” for moving here. Let us know if we can help you and your family move to paradise. -Jim

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