September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

What makes some storage more secure than others? It really comes down to the facility that you use and, the company you use. Not all moving companies have their own storage facility, which means, if they are offering you storage than they likely are putting your items in a self-storage facility somewhere. This is the worst case scenario as not only are your items not in the control of the company you hired, your items might be in a place that has no security at all. What makes security for storage is the company you hire. If they are reputable and have good standing, then they will have secure storage. And, security does not just mean locked up. Here are a few things that a reputable moving and storage company will offer for secure storage:

Climate controlled storage is absolutely necessary for your items to not be in danger of moisture issues due to extreme cold and heat. It only takes a few months of varying temperatures in the NE area for condensation, moisture and, yes, mold, to appear.

Old storage buildings often have roof problems. If the storage facility is a retrofitted old manufacturing building, chances are there may be leaks and that can cause damage. When you need secure storage, always, always take time to visit where your items will be stored. Ask questions and see for yourself. If you are comfortable with what you see and, the company has a stellar reputation, chances are your items will be in the most secure storage. -Jim

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