September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Here are seven tips for first time downsizers.

1) Start Early – Downsizing is a time-consuming process. First time downsizers should begin the process earlier than they think. It is never too soon to begin downsizing if this is your first time scaling down.

2) When In Doubt - My all-time favorite saying for first time downsizers is, “When in doubt…throw it out”. Yes, first time downsizers will make their downsizing go a lot more smoothly if they take these words of advice to heart.

3) Donate, Donate, Donate - Many first time downsizers have a false sense that the items they no longer want have more value than they actually do. Getting them donated is a great way to help a charity and to get rid of items that can be used as a tax right-off.

4) Make It A Family Affair - First time downsizers have stored memorabilia of their children and often think their children will want these items. The truth is that most adult children do not want those childhood memories their parents have held onto for 35 years. First time downsizers will save time and money if they get their family members together to decide if they want any of their childhood heirlooms.

5) Do Your Homework - First time downsizers should take time to research reputable moving and storage companies who can help them navigate all that needs to be done during a first time downsize. Moving and storage companies who have their own storage facility and have experienced staff will make downsizing less stressful for first time downsizers.

6) Recycle - There are many businesses who help recycle household goods by repurposing them with homeowners who are conscious of our environment. Sometimes just a new coat of paint can render an old item to look as good as new and this will save these items from ending up in a landfill.

7) Don’t Go It Alone - First time homeowners can save a lot of stress by getting plenty of help from other homeowners who have already downsized. Experienced downsizers will know a lot of the tricks that will save time and money.

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