September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

“Right Sizing” is the new term replacing “Downsizing” these days. The difference between downsizing and right sizing is that right sizing more clearly defines the actual physical aspects of the downsizing. While downsizing gives the overall scope of moving from a larger home to a smaller home, rightsizing describes the process of thinking about where a homeowner pictures themselves in the upcoming few years and how they will tailor their new lifestyle (including the size of the new home) but additionally all of the items which will need to furnish that new home.

When right sizing, a homeowner will first want to assess their age and physical limitations when deciding on a new home. Many right sizing homeowners will choose to be on one single floor with the anticipation that they may not be able to navigate stairs. They may also consider a home that is handicap accessible.

Right sizing baby boomers will also want to consider where they want to live in their new lifestyle. Although it may be appealing to move to a warmer client, there should be a consideration about the need to be near family. Right-sizing baby boomers often have elderly parents who will need them to be nearby in their later years, preventing the baby boomers from making the move to the southern part of the country. There may also be grandchildren to consider when deciding if a move to another part of the country is wise.

Right sizing baby boomers need to also consider what size home they will move into. If the plan is to move to a vacation destination, they will want to consider if family will be visiting. Sometimes a right size for a baby boomer may mean they move into a home that is larger than the one they currently are in if relatives will be visiting on a regular basis.

Here’s a tip from yours truly: Many right sizing baby boomers, who have actually bought larger homes in anticipation of family visitors, have ended up selling the larger home, just a few years later because their grandchildren were too involved in sports and other activities to visit. So, right sizing should take into consideration whether the grandchildren will have time to visit the new home while on vacation.

A right sizing baby boomer should consider the company they choose for their moving and storage needs. Not all moving and storage companies have the proper facilities, trained staff or modern moving equipment to make their transition be a smooth as possible. Lack of climate-controlled storage can result in damage to fine furnishings and untrained staff can mean damages to family pieces which cannot be replaced. A truck breakdown due to old equipment can mean lengthy delays in delivery to the new right sized home. The William C Huff White Glove Moving and Storage Company has tenured staff, climate-controlled storage and modern equipment, which will make right sizing homeowners’ move as stress-free as possible.

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