September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

There are many service providers today who like to use the term “white glove” to separate themselves from the other companies in their industry. White glove moving and storage, white glove delivery, white glove transportation, white glove concierge, are a few of the businesses who use this term. But what does it really mean and, how do we know if it really separates them from their competitors.

white glove delivery

Let’s take the term “white glove delivery” and see what people think and, what it really should mean. The term “White Glove Delivery” is synonymous with service that is extraordinary. When we think about white glove delivery many of us actually have a mental image that the people involved with the white glove delivery service will be wearing “white gloves”. It is believed that the term “white glove” dates back to the images of butlers and maids with private service. And, when we think of a butler, these are the common images:

These are the obvious attributes one would expect from a white glove delivery company. However, there is more to white glove delivery than just what you would expect from a butler. Since white glove delivery involves multiple people, transportation, handling, installation and storage, it is a bit more layered. Here are some of the things you should expect from an elite white glove delivery company:

And, by the way, our staff uses “purple” gloves for the delivery. Yes, top museums, who we have been trained by, will use butyl nitrile gloves which keep sweat and oils from our staff’s hands from getting through a conventional cotton white glove, onto the piece that is being protected.

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