September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

With folks all over the country selling their houses, packing up and moving away to new areas, many people may be wondering why baby boomers specifically are downsizing. Here’s a few reasons why baby boomers are downsizing.

  1. Empty Nest – As adult children leave their baby boomer parents’ homes, baby boomers can now downsize their homes and simplify their lives. Many downsizing baby boomers will choose to sell their larger home and settle into smaller, less maintenance homes.
  2. Health - Failing health is another reason why baby boomers are downsizing. Getting into smaller homes which do not have stairs and/or have wider doorways to accommodate a wheelchair makes getting around easier for downsizing baby boomers.
  3. Retirement - 10,000 Americans retire every day and many of these retiring baby boomers will choose to downsize. Jut this year more than 3 million Americans have retired and have chosen to simplify their lifestyles by downsizing.
  4. Loss of A loved One - This is another main reason why baby boomers are downsizing. With just one person in a large home, the emptiness of losing a loved one compels baby boomers to downsize.

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