September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

As many Americans begin downsizing and looking to relocate to warmer climates the question often asked is, “Is it worth it to move to Florida”. Of course the answer is a resounding YES. Why is it so much more desirable to move to Florida versus, say, North Carolina, Georgia, or even Arizona? Here are a few reasons why it is worth moving to Florida.

This is probably one of the most overlooked reasons why it is so much better to move to Florida versus other states. Yes, it comes down to air fare. Since Florida is a destination spot for so many people, there are common flights from just about anywhere to every part of Florida. This makes visiting relatives in Florida far less expensive than other places. Round trip from Chicago to Asheville NC is over $600, while the same round trip to Orlando/Miami/Ft Lauderdale etc., is around $250.

Once you have made the move to the Sunshine State, one thing you can count on is lots of company. Your relatives, friends, neighbors and previous co-workers are all too anxious to get out of the cold and visit sunny, warm Florida.

There are several tax advantages that make moving to Florida worth it. There is no personal state income tax. Whether you work or are retired, you will not pay a state income tax. Property taxes are generally quite a bit lower than other parts of the North, unless you are right on the beach. Durable goods taxes are a bit lower than other states. Since Florida is a big tourist state, there are higher

Moving For Disney World

taxes for hotels and restaurants that help offset other regular sales taxes.

Disney is the number one attraction in the entire world. I believe there is not a child in this country who does not dream of going to Disney. It’s the fantasy of child and adult alike. With entertainment for all ages, living within driving distance to this international attraction will guarantee visits from everyone you know. Let’s face it, we are all kids at heart, when it comes to Disney!!!

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