January 3, 2024
Posted by:
Derek Showerman

The allure of Maine's four distinct seasons and breathtaking coastal vistas has prompted an increasing number of our clients to make the move. Consequently, these discerning individuals are seeking interior designers who possess a deep appreciation for the state's unique aesthetic. We are pleased to present our carefully curated list of top-notch designers, who come highly recommended by William C. Huff

Ariana Fischer Interior Designer

Ariana Fischer Interior Design is devoted to catering to the individuality of each client. Her designs are a tasteful amalgamation of contemporary and classical styles, embracing regional and cosmopolitan influences. The company's method involves a judicious balance between flexibility and a thorough comprehension of space's functionality and psychology. Over the past two decades, the firm has handled an array of projects, including vacation homes, permanent dwellings, and commercial ventures like offices and hospitality spaces.

E4 Interior Design

The coastal region of Maine is home to e4 Interior Design, a distinguished residential interior design firm that specializes in providing bespoke design solutions. Helmed by a talented wife-husband duo, e4 offers a wide range of services to clients across New England, Florida, Canada, and Maine. From architectural drafting to project and construction management, from space planning to custom millwork design, e4's design services are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project. Additionally, the firm offers concierge design services, including furniture design, specifications and procurement of furnishings, and installations, ensuring a seamless design experience for clients.

The Good Home Interior Design

The Good Home - Interiors & Design offers clients solutions to their design dilemmas and helps them create stunning and welcoming living spaces in Maine. From redesigns to room makeovers and renovations, we utilize our expertise in window treatment design, furniture construction, and reupholstering to bring your vision to life. Our team understands how to effectively allocate resources while still achieving your desired outcome within your budget. Our passion lies in crafting homes that are unique reflections of individuals' tastes, personal style, and requirements.

Huffard House

Based in South Portland, Maine, Huffard House is a distinguished interior design firm offering comprehensive design services that encompass new build construction and renovation projects. In addition, they also specialize in the selection of the perfect art piece that brings an extra flourish to any room. Their primary goal is to conceptualize and create full home designs, although they also enjoy breathing new life into individual rooms. They collaborate closely with architects, builders, furniture-makers, and skilled artisans to craft exquisite, individualized spaces that combine beauty and livability. Their approach is collaborative, and take pleasure in assisting clients in realizing their personal style preferences in their living spaces.

Knickerbocker Group

Knickerbocker Group is a comprehensive architecture, interior design, woodworking, and construction management services provider that caters to both residential and commercial spaces. You can opt for any or all of their services, as they understand the entire process from the beginning to the end. Having spent more than 40 years in this field, the firm has garnered crucial insights. They believe that good design stems from being caring, thoughtful, and an attentive listener. The firms approach is to design based on our clients' preferences, and we pride ourselves on our ability to listen. Every project they undertake is bespoke, because they cater to clients from various backgrounds and requirements. The staff form close and personal relationships with clients as their homes are an extension of their personality. Moreover, the enthusiasm and eagerness they possess for bringing a shared vision to life is what sets Knickerbocker Group apart. They articulate this vision from the very first meeting to the final day of construction, making the journey an unforgettable experience.

Maine Street Design

Maine Street Design Co. is equipped to work alongside you in your own environment, crafting a space that perfectly complements your individual needs. Their team utilizes a combination of natural and artificial light, along with their expertise in space, design, architecture, color, and texture to create a one-of-a-kind project every time. Maine Street Design have fostered close partnerships with talented artisans and craftsmen from across New England, including furniture and cabinet makers, metal workers, upholsterers, and specialty painters. By collaborating with these skilled professionals, we are able to produce truly exceptional finished projects. Additionally, our unparalleled resources for unique furniture, fabrics, flooring, and drapery play a significant role in our mission.

Nicola’s Home

The validation of interior spaces is dependent on meaningful interaction. It is imperative that those who reside within these spaces comprehend and appreciate their use and character on a subconscious level. This is why Nicola’s Home designs revolve around the "who" and not the "how". The firm’s approach involves creating spaces that are inviting, authentic, and enduring. They work harmoniously to produce an exclusive sense of place, reflective of those who have decided to make it their abode.

Penelope Daborn Ltd

Penelope Daborn Ltd specializes in interior design and decoration, prioritizing collaboration with both clients and colleagues. Their design philosophy emphasizes empathy and incorporates a vast range of resources, while providing friendly and efficient project management. They firmly believe in creating aesthetically pleasing environments that reflect their clients' personal styles and lifestyles, whether they prefer traditional or modern decor.

Scott Simon Architects

Since its establishment in 1995, Scott Simons Architects has undergone a significant evolution to become the multi-disciplinary firm that it is today. The firm's range of services includes architectural, landscape architectural, planning, and interior design services, catering to a diverse client base across the United States. Hailing from Portland, Maine, the firm has earned a reputation for its ingenious problem-solving skills in design, no matter the scale. Above all, the firm's driving force is its commitment to crafting spaces that are not only beautiful but also substantial in their design.


SMRT Inc is committed to designing reliable, efficient, and comfortable environments that enhance user experience. As early adopters, they strive to innovate on behalf of their clients, ensuring their success. The firm excels at providing multidisciplinary expertise, collaborating to meet their clients’ needs for complex buildings that require exceptional design, coordination, and oversight. Additionally, they are passionate about environmental sustainability, embracing a "Green for a Reason" philosophy that drives sustainable design solutions that fit within budgetary constraints.

Studio Eastman

Nestled in Southern Maine, Studio Eastman (formerly known as Abigail Shea Interiors) is a distinctive boutique interior design firm offering comprehensive services. Their philosophy centers around the notion that natural materials offer a grounding effect that man-made items cannot replicate. Their overarching aim is to elevate the aesthetic of homes while complementing their innate environment rather than creating a stark contrast. By incorporating a restrained color scheme, eco-friendly materials, and vintage décor, Studio Eastman designs inviting and livable spaces for their clients, regardless of the project's budget, size, or architecture. Ultimately, their goal is to provide clients with the tools to feel more at home in their space and to appreciate the beauty of daily life.

Urban Dwellings

Urban Dwellings design approach transcends geographical boundaries, fusing a diverse range of aesthetics to reimagine spaces from Maine to international destinations. Collaborating closely with each client, they tailor interior solutions that reflect their unique needs and design preferences, resulting in unparalleled spaces that are truly one-of-a-kind.

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