September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Miami Florida is a destination city for people from all over the world. Because of this Miami is a city of many cultures. From food to music to art, there is something for everyone in Miami. If you are considering living in Miami, here are a couple of awesome tips to consider when moving to Miami, Florida.

A local businesswoman called Julia Tuttle encouraged a developer to extend the new Florida East Coast Railroad to Miami – this led the way to the development of modern Miami. Julia had moved to Miami from Cleveland when her father died and she inherited the 640 acres that was to become Miami, in 1891. Julia decided to get involved with growing the area into a city and got the help of Henry Flagler to build his railroad down from St, Augustine, FL. It was not easy to convince the land baron to extend the railroad to, what was then called Fort Dallas but, she agreed to split the 640 acres and help build a grand hotel and train station. On April 22 1896 service began from St. Augustine to Fort Dallas and, on April 28, it was voted that the new city would be called Miami. In 1898, just 2 years after the forming of the city of Miami, Julia became ill with meningitis and died shortly after. She left a tremendous amount of debt and her children were forced to sell off most of the rest of the 320 acres off. William Brickell, a large land owner south of Miami, is mostly credited with the building of Miami. Ironically both Julia and henry Flagler were originally from the same area in Cleveland (Flagler was the founder of Standard Oil and later became the owner of over 1 million acres of land in Florida, mostly on the East Coast where he built the railroad system from Jacksonville to Key west).

The average temperature during winter is between 65 -75 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that snow is never going to be an issue. Proper sun screen is more important than having a winter jacket. The good news is there is plenty of sunscreen in Miami…in fact, sunscreen was invented by a pharmacist called Benjamin Green in 1944.  Look it up!

So, when you are considering a move to Miami, remember to bring plenty of suntan oil and, make sure to visit the memorial in Bayfront Park which honors Julia Tuttle. Jim

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