September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Seldom Scene Interiors, Carter and Company, Janine Dowling. Award-winning, published, and internationally renowned. Elevate your space today!We have done work with some great Boston interior designers. Here are 3 Boston interior designers we highly recommend because customers are always asking for these recommendations.

Seldom Scene Interiors

We have worked on a number of interior design projects done by Seldom Scene Interiors. The company has been published in several New England design magazines and have worked with many “behind the scenes” celebrities. Seldom Scene Interiors has an eye for the details and can accommodate home owners who are world wide. They recently finished renovations on a massive castle in England for a client who also has a home that we worked on in Nantucket Island.


Carter and Company is one of Boston’s top interior designer companies. They have a reputation of working on some of the most prestigious homes in the Boston area. They also have done well known homes in New York, London and in Florida. Winners of the top interior design award for Boston, The Bulfinch Award, in 2012 and 2017, they also have been featured in New England Magazine several times for projects they completed.


Janine Dowling Interior Design works with many private residences in New England and in Southern Florida. Janine is LEEDS certified and teaches at the Boston Architectural College. In 2017 her company received “Best of Design” award from Houzz as well as “Best of Service” for design firms in the Boston area. These three Boston interior designers can provide quality design services in Boston as well as surrounding New England and New York areas. They also provide the same interior design services for Boston homeowners who have homes in Florida. We hope this is a helpful list. Happy Monday everyone! -Jim

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