September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

There are over 100 million Americans who will making decisions to right size (or “downsize”) over the next 15 years. Right sizing is the new term for what many of us have been calling “downsizing”. Basically, right sizing is the same thing as downsizing without the negative connotations.

The central focus of Right Sizing is creating, building, or finding a new home of the perfect size that meets all current lifestyle needs. Often it takes a few moves to get from a larger home to the eventual “right sized” home. I was recently in the home of a 75-year-old couple. They had made two separate moves to get to their current home of about 1400 sq ft. Both admitted that they had tried squeeze too many things into their new home because it was difficult to part with many of the things they had collected over the past 50 years.

Right sizing is happening for more than just retiring baby boomers. The pandemic has changed the way a lot of people work, raise their family and how they spend their spare time. Many Gen Xers and older Millennials are considering how to right size their lives. Here are three signs you need to right size this summer:

  1. Empty Rooms - If you look around your home and see that there are rooms that are mostly not being used, it is a sign you need to right size this summer. After our youngest went off to college, my wife and I realized that we were not using the living or dining room at all. Both the large attic and basement were filled with stuff we did not need and it was not often that both our children were home at the same time. Since we wanted to spend more time near the Florida office but still wanted to spend summers in New Hampshire, we sold our one large home and right sized with a smaller home in New Hampshire and another small home in Florida.
  2. Age - There is a point in time where our health and age catch up to us. Having a home with multiple levels with stairs may be just too much for us to navigate. Looking into the future, we need picture where we can easily get around. Deciding to right size this summer could be something to consider, as you contemplate age and health.
  3. Work/School - Many Americans now have discovered they can do a lot of their work virtually. Right sizing to a home that might have enough space for a home office, could save time and money versus commuting every day. Some younger parents are opting to do home-schooling. Right sizing to a home that has room for a classroom setting might be something to decide this summer.

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