September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

The holiday season should help remind us of how fortunate we are. Sometimes we feel life has not treated us well but, when we stop and think about it, we are all very blessed compared to many others who are less fortunate. Giving back to others is a way to help spread our fortune to others. Here are three ways to give back this holiday season.

  1. Time – We may think we do not have time to give to others but, it does not cost anything to volunteer some time to help others who have needs. The local food pantry, Habitat for Humanity, and many other groups rely on volunteers to help meet the needs of those who have less than we do.
  2. Donate - Let’s face it, many of us are getting older and there are likely items within our home that we can do without and/or we just have not used for years. Donating these items to a shelter or other non-profit can help them raise money to support their mission. This also helps us to get ready for downsizing (rightsizing…now the new term) so we can move into our new life-style change.
  3. Food - There are many, many people without food in every county in the country. When we go grocery shopping, make it a priority to buy some extra dry goods and drop them off at the local food pantry. Even if you do not have time actually help out, donating some much-appreciated food will make a difference in someone’s lives.

It should not just be the holiday season that makes us consider giving back. We should be thinking of how we can help others every week of the year. Making it a priority is the hard thing to do, however. Putting it on our daily calendar is a good way to keep reminding us to give back, even after the holiday season.

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