September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Today’s moving companies who do not address being “green” will likely suffer sales losses in the future. Here are 4 main reasons that moving companies need to be green.Moving Green

The William C Huff Companies have over 64,000 square feet of climate controlled warehouse space. With our solar initiative, we reduce our CO2 emissions by more than 200,000 pounds each year. Our comprehensive box “reuse” program gets over 38,000 boxes reused, not recycled, each year. In addition, box material that cannot be reused gets recycled and that totals over 300,000 pounds each year. More than 3,000 pounds of CO2, per truck, are saved from going into the atmosphere every year with our lower emission vehicles. This amounts to more than 36,000 pounds per year. Our future plans include expanding solar to include our Northern warehouse space and to incorporate battery storage for solar energy, so we can eventually transition to electric vehicles, that have zero carbon emissions. More importantly,  these vehicles do not rely on fossil fuel produced electricity, which is our nations’ largest contributor to CO2 emissions. EIA report: In 2016, emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) by the U.S. electric power sector1 were 1,821 million metric tons, or about 35% of the total U.S. energy-related CO2 emissions of 5,171 million metric tons.2 This is actually over 3.6 trillion pounds of CO2!! We are making "green" the cornerstone of William C Huff for the next 100 years. We are excited about that transition that has already begun. -Jim

William C. Huff Companies is committed to simplifying the complicated maze of moving and storing your priceless possessions. With over 40 full-time, tenured, and highly trained staff, you can be assured that your move will be handled smoothly and professionally, from the first phone call until the last box is unpacked.