September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Having a home in the Florida Keys is like having a shaker of the legendary Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville” in your own back yard. Many of us have a whimsical place in our hearts that the Keys represent; casual, laid back and…well...endless margaritas. Here are 4 tips if you are choosing to move to the Florida Keys.

Tennis shoes, dress shoes, running shoes...even sandals, are not allowed in the Keys.

It’s always sunny in the Keys (except when there’s a 140mph hurricane) so, no flimsy baseball cap, or visors will do here.

If you are moving to the Florida Keys, status is not important. Being the former CEO of Chili’s will not impress anyone. You will need to get an older model VW or an early 60’s Volvo, preferably with a little rust and some dents in it.

You’ve got the flip flops, a straw hat and you are cruising down A1A in your 62’ Volvo, looking for a hamburger stand (in paradise). Hamburger in hand and a margarita at your side, there is nothing left but to just RELAX!! Hope you enjoyed a light Monday blog. Have a great week everyone.  -Jim

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