September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

There are 75 million baby boomers in America. Here are some baby boomer retiring statistics that are fascinating. These numbers are also important for companies like us, so we are prepared to serve the need in the coming years, as well as to educate "The Boomers" to not wait and plan ahead.

baby boomers retiring statistics

Today’s baby boomers are aged from 54 years old to 72. After world war 2, many couples ended up having 4 or more children over an eighteen year period.

Statistics show that most of these retiring baby boomers live in the Midwest and Northeast regions of the US. Many of these retiring baby boomers will downsize their homes and move into smaller homes.

Statistics show that many retiring baby boomers are choosing to move to Florida. Warmer year around weather allows retiring baby boomers to golf, swim, play tennis, bike, run, and stay outdoors almost every day in Florida.

The 75 million retiring baby boomers have an estimated $30 trillion in assets. These assets, real estate, art, heirlooms, antiques, boats and cars, will ultimately be sold or donated to family and/or charities.

Statistics about retiring baby boomers indicate that 40% of them still have an adult child, up to 40 years old, still living at their homes. These means that there are almost 30 million millennials who have not invested in their own home and likely have limited resources for living on their own. With so many retiring and downsizing baby boomers selling their homes and relocating to other parts of the country, many moving companies and storage facilities are beyond capacity. Reputable companies are harder and harder to get so, these retiring baby boomers need to  "do-diligence" (see what I did there?) in making sure they hire the right companies to meet their moving and storage needs. -Jim

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