September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Whenever possible, the use of wooden crates for moving is always the greenest option and make for the best green moving boxes. Here are some reasons why we use crates whenever possible.

Green Moving Boxes

Corrugated material used in making boxes have to go through an extensive chemical process. These chemicals are harmful to the environment and are difficult to dispose of. Crates made of wood have much less chemical processing involved in the manufacturing.

Unlike boxes which tend to unusable after just a few uses, wooden crates can be used for years. Also, wood offers much better protection for the contents; especially for expensive or heirloom items such as paintings, antiques or sculptures.

Often, crates can be disassembled and made into other shapes and sizes to accommodate different shaped objects. Cardboard cannot be reshaped without losing its’ structural strength. As we push to become the first 100% sustainable moving company in America, we will continue to show how we have already started today. This kind of thinking is what you can expect when working with us. We hope you find sustainably thinking to be a valuable attribute when you are shopping for a mover, receiver, art shipper or storer. -Jim

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