September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Up until about 5 years ago, most businesses used sales and profit margins to measure their growth in the business world. We were taught for generations that increasing sales and profits were the key indicators of growth. With the age of digital marketing and digital transformation these standards no longer are the keys to measuring growth. Here are 3 signs that your company is maturing in the digital arena.

You are getting more junk emails This is a sure way to know that your website is attracting more visitors. If your company has been investing in digitalization, then a direct consequence is that more people want to know why your URL is gaining popularity. Would be hackers or just people trying to “get in on the action” are prompted to engage whenever they see website presence grow. They know that you may be their ticket to more data they can use for their own benefit, albeit at your expense. You are getting more inquiries for your product A sure sign that your business is evolving with the changing technology is that you are getting more on-line client requests. In the digital world more potential clients will search the internet for the service or product they want than the will asking or going to a specific physical location. What they see and can experience in a few seconds, surfing the web, is what will motivate them to engage with your company. You get more attempted “hacks” A website (or brick-and-mortar company) that is trending upwards will attract hackers who want to infiltrate and compromise your success. These are deliberate attempts to sabotage your business and create chaos within your company. Ransomware is a common form of digital piracy where hackers infect your entire company computing system and then demand ransom to get you operating ability back. If your company is NOT experiencing the above-mentioned problems, then you likely are in danger of not evolving fast enough. In fact, growth in the digital marketplace is essential to the survival of almost any business over the coming several years. A report by the Forrester Group in late 2017 actually indicated that solid companies with over 100 years history would be in jeopardy of going out of business if they did not embrace digital transformation. At William C Huff Companies (in business since 1908) we took this article very seriously and immediately began a total digital transformation. As a result 1) Our website presence has improved over 1000% 2) Our URL value has increased 500% 3) The amount of attempted hacks have more than tripled. Our brand is beingviewed by thousands of new people every day. Ultimately, this means we are outpacing competitors by a considerable margin, in terms of real growth that increases the value of William C Huff Companies. Unfortunately, we have had to spend money to prevent hackers and cyber theft. This multilayered encryption technology is the only way to defend from outsiders who want to take advantage of our growth. It is a necessary part of the digitalization transformation process and, one that is a worthwhile investment. We can confidently grow to whatever value our marketing allows, without the threat of digital interruption.

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