September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

The past 16 months has redefined how businesses around the world operate. With uncertainty and no real answers, many businesses have decided to downsize how they operate. The new downsizing business definition is everything about mobility and smaller footprints. From retail to manufacturing to even the services industries, the new normal for businesses is all about downsizing. Here’s a few examples of the new downsizing business definition.RETAIL: In the retail environment many businesses now have smaller retail storefronts and offer on-line ordering with free deliveries to homeowners. In fact, with so many people unable to go and shop for much of the last several months, many retailers closed their doors for good.

SERVICES: The downsizing business definition for the services industries is all about convenience. “Door to door” deliveries for restaurants, grocery stores and fast food has become the new normal for many homeowners. Not having to get off the couch and have all their services delivered is a convenience that was not very common just two years ago. Start-up delivery businesses like Door Dash, Grub Hub and Uber Eats are booming in the wake of the events of the past several months.

OFFICES: How corporate America now works is very different now with the new downsizing business definition. From Amazon to Google to FaceBook, many “downtown” office buildings have become vacant as the new standard is for office work to now be done at home. Zoom meetings are now the standard, replacing a staff huddled around a conference table.

TRAVEL: Business travel has been downsized dramatically, due to the virus-forced shutdowns. No longer is it necessary to fly across the globe for high-level business negotiations. Many traditional trade shows have become virtual events and, annual conferences are now virtual.

Just as the new downsizing definition for business reflects a smaller carbon footprint, the downsizing definition for homeowners also reflects a more carbon neutral footprint. Smaller homes which are more technology driven and are more energy efficient is making our planet a cleaner environment.

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