September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

There are over 77 million baby boomers who will be downsizing for retirement over the next 15 years, or so. Many of these retiring boomers will be making a move to Florida, to get out of the cold. There are many exciting reason for retiring and moving to Florida. The warm weather, golfing, biking and outdoor activities are just a few of the exciting reasons for retiring to Florida. Another exciting reason for downsizing boomers to retire in Florida is because of the increase in awareness of solar power. Since Florida is “The Sunshine State” with an average of 350 days with sunshine each years, many homes and businesses are adopting solar as an alternative to fossil fuel based energy. As these homes and businesses embrace the new technology of solar power, Florida will become one of the greenest places in the US to live in.

downsizing for retirement

Downsizing for retirement boomers want to know they are making a difference for their children and grandchildren’s environment. By choosing to buy solar homes and using solar powered businesses, they will be living a cleaner and better environment for future generations. The William C Huff Companies’ Naples, FL facility is 100% powered by solar. This saves almost 260,000 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year. Additionally, the owner of William C Huff Companies, Jim Henderson, is spearheading a campaign that will bring 100% sustainable, solar powered, recycled material, homes, to residents and retiring downsizing boomers, in Florida. Each home in Florida produces over 14,000 pounds of CO2 per year for its’ electricity needs. With an estimated 11 million homes/condos and apartments in Florida by 2025, that amounts to over 154 billion pounds of CO2 per year. Additionally, Jim Henderson is designing battery storage systems for the solar homes which will allow for the charging of electric cars. Since the average gas powered car produces about 12,000 pounds of CO2 per year, his 100% sustainable homes will potentially keep as much as 38,000 pounds of CO2 from our atmosphere each year. As more and more retiring boomers downsize their homes and lives, it is exciting to know that they will be making a difference by choosing to use sustainable businesses and by buying sustainable homes. Jim

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