September 5, 2023
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Jim Henderson

For over 100 years Portsmouth NH’s most reliable movers, the William C Huff Company, has been moving families in the Porstmouth, NH area to man y locations across the country. Many homeowners in Seacoast and Portsmouth, NH areas need to downsize their homes and, have turned to the William C Huff Company to help them with their downsizing before their move. Here are a 5 keys that will help in your decisions while downsizing.

New England Families Trust William C Huff as their Reliable Movers

The first step to downsizing is to get the family involved. Often there are items stored in your house that belong to adult children and/or grandchildren. It really it is important to not move these items to the new house. Do this early as it takes time to get family to schedule time to do this. Be FIRM about having them get their items out. Often, the William C Huff Company can arrange to drop larger items off at family members’ homes. We can even bring them to storage and ship them anywhere in the country.

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The age old saying, “When in doubt…throw it out”, come to mind. (OK, its’ actually a William C Huff Saying that we have been telling our downsizing families for years now). Basically the concept is, if you have to think about whether you may use something stored I a closet, basement, attic, garage, for more than a few minutes, you likely won’t need it. If there is no real value to it (jars of nails, bags of fabric, boxes of rubber bands...) then toss these items.

Many Portsmouth, NH downsizing families are moving to Florida where there are typically no basements or attics. In Portsmouth, NH there hardly are any homes without basements, attics and “eaves” under the roof line, filled with “stuff”. Most Southern homes just will not have any storage for these items. I can always tell families who have moved to Florida from the North by what they have in their garages. Often times the two car garage is packed so full that no cars can fit in the garage.

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Once you have sorted out family and non-essential items, pack items that are farthest from your living area first. Linens in closets, clothes, various other items are most likely non-breakable and of little consequence to the family. As you get closer to the living spaces; living room, dining room and kitchen, these items have more significance and, if time does not allow you to pack them, it is easier for the William C Huff Company to pack these items for you.

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Portsmouth NH is full of second hand and consignment shops. Many of these shops barely have room for any more items. Items in consignment shops will not sell very quickly and, after time the homeowner often has to resort to “giving” their items away to get rid of them. Many non-profits offer free pick-up and will give a tax exempt receipt for the value of your unwanted items. In many cases, 30% off the taxes is more than you would get selling your used items. Need help downsizing and moving? Below is the area of America we service and are happy to help you and your family on these changes. Fill the form or give us a ring. We are here to help!

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William C. Huff Companies is committed to simplifying the complicated maze of moving and storing your priceless possessions. With over 40 full-time, tenured, and highly trained staff, you can be assured that your move will be handled smoothly and professionally, from the first phone call until the last box is unpacked.