September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Most reputable moving and storage companies use standard wooden vaults for storing clients’ household items. Here are five benefits of storing in vaults versus self-storage units.

  1. Vaults are stackable- Because standard wooden storage vaults are only 7 feet tall and 5 feet wide, they can be stacked up to 5 vaults high. By stacking these vaults there is better space utilization and unlike self-storage units which typically are 9-10 feet high, items are not stacked on top of each other, preventing damage.
  2. More accessible – Items can be prioritized in storage vaults so if something needs to be accessed during a long storage period, the vault can be opened and items quickly, safely accessed. With self-storage items in the back of a 20-foot-long unit could take a long time to access and there can be potential for a lot of damage in removing items and restacking them in the unit.
  3. Security – Unlike most self-storage units, storing in vaults means items are in a private, secure, and safe environment that no one else has access to. In self-storage there are multiple units near one another and the facilities can be accessed by anyone with a security code.
  4. Efficient – Many self-storage facilities now are multiple stories high and require an elevator and long hallways to gain access. This requires much more time to put into and take out of, compared to storing in vaults.
  5. Cost effective – Because storage vaults can be stacked and all space in a 7’X5’X5’ foot vault can used, you only pay for the vaults used, vs a storage unit which may be bigger than necessary for the amount items that need to be stored. Paying for a 10’X20’ self-storage unit that is only ½ used is a waste of money. It is hard to predict how much storage is needed and most homeowners will pay for a larger storage unit, just to be sure they have enough space. Storing in exactly the number of vaults often saves homeowners money over conventional self-storage units.

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