September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

We partnered up again this year with our good friends at Friends Of Foster Children Forever (FOFCF) to receive, store and distribute mattresses to families of foster children. We've worked closely with FOFCF for quite some time now and are consistently amazed and inspired by the great work that they do for the foster children and families in our area. A number of years ago FOFCF contacted us to assist with a project that they had in the works. Tempurpedic, the folks who manufacture some of the best memory foam mattresses, provides mattresses to FOFCF that are then distributed to families who are in the foster care program. Due to the volume of mattresses involved in these projects, it was a bit too much for FOFCF to manage on their own. Enter William C Huff Companies. Our company's owner, Jim Henderson, has been a member of FOFCF's board for the better part of a decade so it made sense for us to partner with them. The staff who we deal with most often (Jane Billings, Tara Beiling, Vanessa Estrada, Stephanie Corliss and Gisela Estrada) have always been a joy to work with and always have smiles on their faces. The situations they deal with aren't always easy, but they consistently press on, ensuring that those in need are taken care of. They're truly an army of angels. The last two years, the mattresses have been distributed at the annual Back-To-School

Lony Daniel Callie Mitch FOFC

Bonanzas. The Bonanzas are amazing events where backpacks, school supplies, shoes, haircuts and even medical checkups are available. The folks who put these events together are astonishing folks who are doing excellent work for our community. This year, our company had Senior Crew Leader Mitch Elfreth, Crew Leader Daniel Portella and Crew Member Lony Garcon on site. Callie Mazarella even got out of the office to help sling some of the mattresses around! (It's clear who has the muscles in our company - Callie will be implementing a strength training class for our staff in the near future...)

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