September 5, 2023
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Jim Henderson

I get asked by our clients, why I am passionate about using crates and solar to make William C Huff a green moving business. Here is an explanation. For decades now politicians and environmental advocates have argued about “climate change” (formerly known as global warming) and who is responsible. Meanwhile, very little has been done to actually change the way we produce electricity, the largest source of CO2 emissions in the US. Whether you feel that there is or isn’t any climate change, no one can argue that over 38 trillion pounds of CO2 is going to have some major impact on our environment. That is how much CO2 is released into our atmosphere every year as we produce electricity from non-renewable resources!

Pollution and Environmental Risks Kill 1.7 Million Children Each Year, WHO Says

Green Moving to Remove Pollution.

Pollution and environmental risks are responsible for 1.7 million deaths of children below the age of five, according to two World Health Organization (WHO) reports released Monday.

Green Moving for the kids

We need to do our part for future generations. The reports reveal that 570,000 of children’s deaths each year are attributed to respiratory infections, like pneumonia, caused by both indoor and outdoor air pollution, as well as second-hand smoke. Additionally, 270,000 children a year die in their first month from conditions due to air pollution and lack of sanitation, according to the WHO. “A polluted environment is a deadly one — particularly for young children,” Dr. Margaret Chan, director-general of WHO, said in a press release. “Their developing organs and immune systems, and smaller bodies and airways, make them especially vulnerable to dirty air and water.”

  1. Air Pollution Makes You Look Old

Procter & Gamble recently released a report that polluted air can contain over 200 chemicals that age the skin. This becomes a big issue in larger cities with more pollutants; in fact, in a study of over 200 urban and rural women aged 30 to 45, pollution from city life added as much as 10 percent to perceived aging 2. We Breath a Lot

Green Moving & Stopping Pollution

This is not just an issue for America to solve alone. It is a world community issue. The average human being breathes 20,000 liters of air each day. The More polluted air will be, the more polluted air you are inhaling. 3. Polluted Air Is Bad For Life Inhaling polluted air will decrease your lifespan by 2 years. 4. What We Can’t See Will Harm Us The particles in the polluted air are 1/30th in diameter of a human hair, therefore when you inhale them, they easily get through the natural defense mechanism of your body. So, “global warming” and “climate change” aside, our health is at major risk, due to the pollution in our air. And, electricity is the number one polluter of the air we breathe, therefore we are doing our part to function as green movers. -Jim

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