September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Having grown up in a “paper mill” town in Northwestern Maine, I am all too familiar with what it takes to take create paper and cardboard from trees. The chemical process is one of the most caustic and polluting processes we have for manufacturing of anything in America. Often times we could not breathe in the small mill town when the wind came from the “south” and, we had a saying that the river that much of the toxins used to be dumped in, could be “walled on” because it was so thick with by-product from the mill. The process today, of course, is much more environmentally friendly and, believe it or not, there is now sport fishing in the very river that once was a joke. However, there are more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to “box” things. Believe it or not, wooden boxes, which can be reused, require very little, if any chemicals to manufacture. Also, “selective” cutting of forests is actually beneficial to the growth and health of forests. Many items, which pass through the doors at William C. Huff Company, are in wooden boxes or crates. Wood is durable and can be reused over and over again, making wooden boxes one of the greenest ways to get items safely transported and stored. Even recycled cardboard has to have a certain amount of chemical treatment to be reproduced, meaning that it does harm the environment. -Jim

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