September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Today’s new homes are much different than the homes we baby boomers first bought or the new homes our parents bought. Unlike the basic simplicity that our earlier homes offered, today’s new homes reflect a multitude of expressions of ourselves and our environment. These new homes can take months or even years to culminate from a vision into an actual, tangible home. Of course these new homes often start with the right landscape. Once the land has been chosen then an architect is brought in to help to bring the expressed vision into the actual plans for the home. Next a builder needs to be selected, one who can work with the architect to render a final structure.

Interior Designers

With architect and builder selected, the final piece to this new dream home is selecting the designer who will outfit the interior of this new home. Selecting the right interior designer can be a major differentiator to this new home. Selecting the wrong interior designer can greatly affect the final outcome of this carefully crafted custom new home. So, what makes a great interior designer? Here are a few insights into designers who are great at their craft. How Interior Designers Can Be a Differentiator:

A great interior designer will always listen first and speak second. If your interior designer spends more time talking about their wonderful projects and less time listening to what you want, then they likely will not be able to deliver what your goals are.

Great designers have lots of experience. Not to take anything away from new designers who are beginning their first few projects, but in order to understand all the complexities that goes into designing furnishings for your new home, your designer has to have had some type of experience that reflects their ability to create what you have a vision for. This can only come with time and a number of projects.

Between you, the homeowner, the architect and the builder, there are many moving scenarios when considering the interior design of your new home. The interior designer who will be a major differentiator to the design in your new home will be a designer who can listen and absorb all that each party has to offer and be able to articulate how their interior design is best suited for your home.

Great interior designers who differentiate from ordinary interior designers, have the ability to not let their great success become more important than designing for your new home. A designer who is more anxious to elaborate on what they have done for others, rather than listen to what you want, will likely deliver what THEY think is best, not what you have a vision for.

Most designers can be successful coming up with interior designs that help express the homeowners’ vision for their new home. The differentiator for the interior designer who goes above and beyond is in the details. For example; when ordering the many, many different pieces for the new home, a great interior designer will be very selective in what company they use to receive these items. If the items are not correctly inspected, sometimes after months or years of waiting to be custom made, damages and imperfections can go unnoticed until it is time for installation. A great receiving and inspection company is vital to great designers who are differentiators in new home interior designs. Something William C Huff has a long track record of success doing. We continue to look forward to helping interior designers across the country. Thanks for reading. -Jim

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