September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

I wanted to let you know how much of a pleasure it was working with your team. Being that this was my first job to actually work with your guys on, I was paying special attention to pros and cons I’ve seen with other movers…and I wanted to let you know my findings. For the two days, I interacted mainly with Trey, Daniel, and Nick. I can’t say enough positive things about each of them.


Trey is an excellent crew lead. He is able to multi-task very well; he constantly had to go between the clients, myself, and his guys, and not once did I see or hear him become visibly frustrated. As I’m sure is the case with all jobs, there were certain idiosyncrasies with the actual clients (Karen and Tom), who were absent for the majority of the job. All I heard all day was “yes ma’am" and "yes sir” as he made the necessary adjustments per their requests. He is a fast worker. He had that place inventoried so efficiently, even I, the mere professional organizer, had my jaw hanging open at least three different times when I realized he was already a step ahead of me with the tagging. He maintains eye contact, he is verbally responsive to requests without mumbling, and he follows through (even when they aren’t directed at him, for example, when I commented out loud that I was missing my tape gun and he appeared in front of me with tape). Having foresight like that while managing not only paperwork and people but heavy, expensive, physical things…not easy. And if I might add, not a skill typically found in most 20-something year old men.  


Daniel is a pleasure to be around. He is always positive and right where you need him to be. I interacted with him the most, as he personally assisted me at the clients’ storage unit on multiple occasions. He made a tremendous difference in the amount of space available to us at the storage unit, and he had some great suggestions for me in terms of packing and storing items as well. There is no doubt that he taught me things I was not aware of, thus showing that the time and money involved in training your employees certainly pays off. He was accommodating and patient, despite some inconsistencies on my part, and I am very grateful, personally, for his help. Frankly, it was a hot, physical day, and I can only do so much lifting. Daniel allowed me to do my job simply by him doing his job - properly, efficiently, and professionally, without me having to go back and micromanage (as I have had to in the past with other moving companies). One thing in particular that stood out to me was his ability to go between all aspects of the job with ease – preparing and crating artwork, packing the kitchen, physically taking furniture downstairs, packing my car, and interacting with myself and the clients.  

nick garcia

Nick is an asset to your company in the area I saw him work in the most – mirror packing framed art that wasn’t being crated. He stayed on task doing this one job for the majority of the first day, all while fielding questions from me and the clients, providing backup to his fellow guys, and making sure that there were enough packing supplies available on each floor level. That in itself was a big job, as there was a lot of square footage to cover just to get supplies there were needed. He too taught me things about packing better that I was not aware of. His attention to detail was really made evident when I took a small framed photo that was on the desk in the area in which he was working. I knew it was something he’d come across for me to pack, but I noticed it before he was able to bring it to my attention. I took the photo (without telling him, when he wasn’t in the room), and five minutes later, he came looking for me to make sure I had in fact handled it, so that it wouldn’t be something that got misplaced on his watch. I cannot tell you how impressed I was by that. That kind of observation is so lacking in today’s generation of workers…hahaha, I know, like I’m so much older than these guys.... Seriously though, I am beyond impressed. I’m honestly not sure what I expected. At the very least, I expected laborers to pick heavy things up and put heavy things in a truck. What I got…what the CLIENT got…was a houseful of polite, observant, professional, efficient, talented guys who not only do a wonderful job, but manage to stay pleasant despite the heat and labor AND seem to really like one another! They have fun while they work, and their camaraderie is really sweet to see. I hope to see these guys with Huff for a long, long time. Consistency is good. And as a fellow business owner, I can appreciate the amount of time and money you have invested into each of them. It shows.   Thank you for a job VERY well done!   Tracy Colleran | Professional Organizer Straighten Up, Inc.

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