November 28, 2023
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Derek Showerman

Meet the 18 Best Interior Designers in NH

New Hampshire offers an abundance of interior design options, spanning from traditional to modern and even eclectic and contemporary styles. With an evident creative flair in the area, elite interior designers specialize in color, texture, materials, and proportion to develop unique solutions that blend form and function seamlessly. The resulting designs are visually captivating and intriguing, showcasing some of the finest local design talent available. Keep reading to discover more about these skilled designers and their bespoke creations.  

Alice Williams

As one of the most productive interior designers in New Hampshire, Alice Williams  has honed her expertise and possesses an acute ability to craft elegant and timeless designs that are pleasing to even the most fastidious clients. Her creativity derives from a genuine aspiration to utilize her proficiency to fashion attractive and cozy living areas for all. Alice also places great importance on producing rooms that are not only visually pleasing, but also functional, which has established her as a trendsetter among interior designers in New Hampshire.

Amy Mitchell

With a passion for creativity and an eye for detail, professional interior designer Amy Mitchell hails from New Hampshire. Known for her skillful combination of classic elements with unexpected details, Amy creates an eclectic and cohesive look for her clients that reflects their unique lifestyles and personalities. Her close collaboration with clients ensures that every aspect of their design is tailored to their individual needs, from fabric selection to furniture recommendations. The end result is beautiful, perfectly balanced rooms that provide a relaxing and thriving environment for their residents.

Amanda Raymond

Amanda Raymond  is a prominent figure in the top-tier interior design industry of New Hampshire. Her exceptional skills and keen attention to detail have earned her a reputation for creating impeccable and alluring designs. Having spent over 20 years in the New England region, she has been a part of diverse projects that have contributed to her extensive portfolio. From designing beautiful homes to modern corporate offices, Amanda's work encompasses a broad range of aesthetic styles.

Allison Ducharme

With a keen eye for intricate details, Allison Ducharme stands out as one of New Hampshire's foremost interior designers. Her customized approach ensures that each design is tailored to her clients' specific needs, setting her work apart from the rest. Allison's designs have garnered attention in various New England design publications and lifestyle blogs. Moreover, she has been honored with numerous professional awards for her exceptional work in the field. Be it a residential abode or a commercial property, Allison crafts stunning interiors that her clients can showcase with pride.

Sharon Bottner

Specializing in residential design, Sharon Bottner is a highly experienced interior designer in Portsmouth, NH. Recognized as New Hampshire’s Best Interior Designer in 2020, Sharon's ability to conceptualize unique and individualized spaces is truly remarkable. Her portfolio reflects a creatively distinct approach to modern, traditional and transitional styles. Working in close collaboration with her clients throughout the entire project timeline – from concept to completion – Sharon ensures that each step of the way is geared towards their ultimate satisfaction.

Laurie Coffey

Laurie Coffey Custom Interior Design, based in Nashua, New Hampshire, offers personalized attention to each of its clients to ensure their desires and requirements are met. If you seek a compassionate interior designer who puts your needs first, Laurie Coffey Custom Interior Design is worth exploring.

Lavender & Lotus Interiors

Owner and founder of Lavender & Lotus, Aimee Brothers, lives in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and provides excellent interior design services throughout New Hampshire. Aimee understands that way an interior space can affect our moods and the way we work and strives to create beautiful and functional spaces for all her clients.

McBride Design

If you happen to be in the Manchester, New Hampshire area and in need of an interior designer, McBride Design is your ultimate solution. Be it commercial or residential space, the expert team at McBride Design can cater to all your interior design needs with unparalleled expertise.

Cicely Beston Interiors

For those seeking an interior designer in the vicinity of New London, New Hampshire, Cicely Beston Interior Designs is worth exploring. As the owner and founder, Cicely Beston possesses over two decades of expertise in designing interiors, making her the ideal candidate for crafting aesthetically pleasing spaces you have long desired.

Morr Interiors

Morr Interiors, an acclaimed interior design firm, operates from New Market, New Hampshire. Their expertise lies in catering to real estate agents and construction professionals to create a home that will entice prospective buyers. Trust Morr Interiors to transform your property into a space that is both alluring and appealing.

Randy Trainor

For more than three decades, Randy Trainor has made a significant contribution to the interior design industry in New Hampshire. With her innovative and contemporary designs, Randy has established herself as a professional expert, creating awe-inspiring living spaces that are not only stylish but also functional. By implementing efficient and meticulous techniques, she has successfully fulfilled the dreams of countless clients. As a result, Randy has garnered a loyal following of enthusiasts who admire her ability to merge classic and contemporary home design trends.

Ruth Axtell

For years, Ruth Axtell has been serving the Granite State as an exceptional interior decorator, transforming living and work spaces for countless New Englanders. Ruth's talent for detail and expert knowledge of materials, combined with her unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, continue to revolutionize New Hampshire's home design landscape. Her influence is felt beyond her clients' homes as she serves as a role model for aspiring interior designers in the state, who look up to her for insights into the profession.

TMS Architects

With a rich history spanning more than thirty years, TMS Architects has been committed to crafting innovative projects in New Hampshire, as well as across New England and beyond. Their goal is to honor the unique visions of our clients by designing structures that are not only visually striking but also practical and respectful of the surrounding environment.

Tyler Karu

The team at Tyler Karu Design and Interiors takes inspiration from people's way of living in the world, striving to establish a harmonious bond between individuals and their surroundings. With this objective in mind, they tackle each project by blending functionality and innovation. Their ultimate goal is to design spaces and settings that embody a sense of narrative, instilling a feeling of comfort and satisfaction in those who use them.

Seldom Scene

Seldom Scene Interiors boasts of an impeccable track record of 30 years in designing projects worldwide. Their commitment to providing exceptional customer service and project design is evident in their extensive portfolio, which includes projects in various locations such as Nantucket, Naples, London, and Boston. Their skilled team of Project Designers manages and oversees every aspect of the design process to ensure seamless coordination and execution.

Andrea Srinivas

With a crisp and contemporary design style, Andrea Srinivas is an acclaimed interior designer in Nashua, NH. Her firm serves all of southern NH up to the lakes region. She brings a passionate dedication to her craft, using her skills to create functional and beautiful spaces that reflect her clients' needs and personalities. Whether working on cozy mountain retreats or modern high-rise commercial spaces, Andrea's work upholds the high standards of excellence set by her predecessors in New Hampshire. Her achievements have been recognized by local publications, inspiring residents across the state to create their own dream homes.

Upcoast Design

Lisa Teague, the talented interior designer of Lisa Teague Upcoast Design based in Portsmouth, NH, possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise stemming from her Californian upbringing and her strong connection to the local community. Her impressive skills are readily available to those who seek her assistance. Take a closer look at Lisa's story below and discover more about her remarkable journey.

Weekender House

Experience complete design solutions for your residential and commercial interiors at the Weekender House. Their skilled designers will bring your vision to life and create a personalized aesthetic that represents your individuality. Their extensive expertise in coastal chic and urban contemporary design, along with a selection of over 45 top name brands, will ensure a flawless manifestation of your style. Trust them to help you make the right selections that cater to your preferences.

How to Choose the Right Interior Designer in NH for Your Needs?

To select the perfect interior designer, you should begin by determining your personal design style and seek out designers who specialize in that particular style. Evaluate their previous work by studying their portfolio, customer reviews, and feedback to assess their quality and aesthetics. Plan to have a consultation with several designers to discuss your project budget, timelines, and specifications. Request for referrals and make contact with their previous customers for information on how well they communicate, how professional they are, and the quality of their work. It's important to trust your intuition and choose an interior designer who understands your vision, has excellent communication skills, and fits within your budget.

Is William C. Huff known for providing top-notch interior design services for Interior Designers in NH?

Recognized for providing exceptional interior designer services from Naples FL to New Hampshire for discerning clients seeking luxury, William C. Huff specializes in delivering exquisite items safely and efficiently. Although we do not offer interior design services, we proudly endorse the exceptional work of our trusted designers listed here. In addition to ourtrust with these esteemed firms, William C. Huff provides training to our staff on art handling, wine handling, and various aspects of receiving, handling, crating, packing, delivery, and staging, further elevating our commitment to providing world-class services.


The significance of choosing the appropriate interior designer in NH cannot be overstated as it determines how your space reflects your personal style and meets your specific needs. Each designer on our list offers a distinct perspective and skill set to cater to varying design preferences and budgets, making it easy to find one that suits your requirements. From contemporary and coastal to traditional designs, these experts have got you covered. So why wait? Contact one of these talented interior designers today and bring your dream space to life!

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