September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

In today’s cyber space world, it is important for homeowners to know that the logistics company they hire to move and store them has adequate security on their digital data and full security on their physical storage facilities. The cost of not using a secure logistics company can be great and can far exceed the costs for the actual physical moving of their items.

In recent months and years we have all been made aware of breaches in data security with companies like Experian, Wells Fargo and other giants who did not have adequate security on their data. Millions of customers of these giants had been exposed and could have lost a lot to the cyber criminals who hacked into their computer systems.

These days, cyber security is a very important topic. Many cyber crimes are committed against smaller businesses who do not invest in proper security. Birthdates, credit card numbers and even data on physical assets can be stolen. The cost of not using a secure logistics company can mean anything about the possessions in your home can be stolen and sold to data specialists who can use that information to target you. That targeting can be as innocuous as inundating your social media accounts with ads and promotional products or as nefarious as using that information to gain access to your physical properties. Therefore, it is important to hire a cyber and physically secure logistics company, when downsizing.

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