September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Yes. The future is here and technology is advancing at an alarming pace. As Artificial Intelligence continues to learn from itself, self-driving vehicles will become normal (perhaps sooner then we think…) The moving and storage industry will also see dramatic changes in the coming years.

Worldwide, as fewer and fewer people care about possessions and more about experiences, the need to accumulate, move and store vast amounts of personal belongings will diminish. The items which are in our parents’ homes will no longer have sentimental value and after being stored for several years, will end up being recycled or donated to museums as artifacts of a by-gone era. Modern homes will be almost devoid of furnishings as we know them now.

What does this mean for today’s typical moving and storage business? Well, there will be less need for “moving” and less need for “storage”. Trucks will automatically be able to move, driverless, across the country, delivering the items needed for self-sustaining homes. These futuristic homes will not have items that will require storage, and if items are to be moved, the items likely will be of materials which make it easy for robotics to handle and move.

Not to worry, though: the transition from nostalgic to programmed will take a few more generations. For the next 25-30 years most moving and storage companies who embrace technology, will be busier than ever, removing, storing and transporting over $40 trillion of household assets.

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