September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

We often talk about the struggles associated with moving. Today we’re going to revisit one of those troubles. Why? Because at some time or another, you’re going to have to move. Regardless of the reason for a move, there are some things that can be done to help it go smoothly and to mitigate the stresses that can often accompany a transition. The first thing to do when a move is imminent is to plan. Once you’ve developed your plan, plan some more. Then after that, set aside a little time to plan just a little bit more. Seems a bit ridiculous, huh? I agree. However, the more you’ve lined things up, the better off you’ll be. In most cases a local move will be an easier move than a long distance transition. If you’ve scheduled your closing/rental/lease dates for your homes, you may have time to go back and forth between the properties. You might be able to schedule your move over a longer time period and do a little bit here and a little bit there. A long distance move is going to be a little tougher in that regard; generally you’ll need to pack up at one point and then transport and unpack at one later point as there will be no opportunity to bounce back and forth between properties. Thus the need for solid planning. (We’re not even to the packing and prepping stage here, we’ll get to the wrapping of your Lladro collection and protecting that sweet, sweet Tom Jones LP box set later…) Today, it’s all about what happens between houses. So, you’ve found your new home and signed the mountain of paperwork necessary to take possession. You know when you can move into your new place and when you need to be out of your old home. Do the dates overlap or is there time between that will require storing your items? Will you have a cozy place to sleep and kill some time, if need be? Is Aunt Mildred really that keen on you, your spouse and your 2.3 kids crashing on her couches for a week or two? These are questions that often get forgotten when putting a move together, so let’s talk about them! If your move is local and the stars are in alignment, the dates will all line up perfectly. You’ll have access to your new home for a few days before needing to vacate your old home. Of course, by this time, you’ll have already handled most of your packing (or you will have scheduled in advance with your moving company to take care of the packing for you.) This is the easiest scenario; the items get loaded onto the truck, delivered and unloaded into your new home. The movers set up (at least) the beds for you and now you’re in the new house with a safe, comfortable place to sleep. The rest of the house may well be a disaster zone, but you’re in the new digs, safe and sound. No need to get a hotel room or crash at someone else’s home. Even with a local move though, the dates may not line up quite so nicely. There may be a need to store your belongings for a few days up to a few weeks which means you’ll need a place to lay that weary head of yours until your new mansion is available. (Sounds like it might be time to hit up good ‘ole Uncle Brian and see if he’s willing to lay some of those Hyatt Vacation points on you!) Again, with some planning ahead of time, you won’t be making last minute calls to try and find a place to stay. If you’re moving a long distance, you’ll likely need to find a place to stay while the items are being transported to your new home. National van line moving companies often pair up shipments to try and keep costs down across the board for all involved clients. The downside to this type of a move is that you’re often at the mercy of the moving company as to when your items will be delivered. So, you may find that you’ll need to extend your stay at Cousin Larry’s house or at the Holiday Inn. (While a hotel would likely be happy to have you for a few extra days, Larry may be ready for your prompt exit, and we know how Larry can get. We forgive him though, we know he’s fidgety…) A side note here – an exclusive shipment with a mover will almost always ensure that you get the specific dates that you’d like. So, you’ve worked on all of the dates and you’ve got your accommodations all set. The movers are scheduled, the closing dates are locked in and you’ve got a place to stay between homes. Everything is grand! Wait one red hot second: what about the dogs? Both Aunt Mildred and Cousin Larry are allergic to dogs, so that’s not going to work. The Holiday Inn doesn’t accept pets either. (Were it not for that touring rock band in the 80’s who, for some reason, brought a number of goats into their suite, we’d be fine. Alas, we’re not fine.) Now we need to find a boarding house/kennel for the pups. Be sure to check out reviews for kennels, some are far better than others and we definitely want the finest for Fido. Ok. Now you’ve got your mid-move accommodations set and you can deal with other aspects of the move. Stay tuned for the next installment of The Trouble With Moving when we’ll tackle another thrilling and exciting topic!

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