September 5, 2023
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Jim Henderson

The move is on! You’ve found your new home and your moving date is set. You’ve decided to do some (or perhaps all) of your packing yourself. Awesome! Today we’ll talk a bit about some good packing practices and moving tips. The last thing you want to deal with while getting settled into your new home is to open up your boxes and find a bunch of broken items. (And let me assure you, when Aunt Janine comes by and doesn’t see that hand painted porcelain vase that she gave you for your wedding present, she is going to be UNHAPPY. So, let’s pack it up well and you won’t have to incur the wrath.) We’re going to touch on some of the more common items to pack for your move:


Most good packing practices are common sense based. For instance, for your dishes to arrive intact, you’ll want some padding in the box. Not just in the box though, wrapped around every item.

Our Dish Packing Moving Tips


Packing electronics can be a bit trickier than other items. Not only are electronics inherently fragile, they can be a pain to reconnect if you aren’t paying attention when disconnecting everything at the old house.

Moving Tips for packing electronics


These are some of the items that are pretty simple and straightforward to pack. As a rule, you can simply stack them up nice and neat in a box. The biggest thing to watch with these items is the weight. A few books don’t weigh too much, but cram 30 into a box and you’ll have your hands full. No doubt you’ve handled a few book boxes in your day. Notice the smaller size? The weight of CDs, DVDs and books add up fast. After every few books or discs that you put in a box, lift the box up and check the weight. Once it reaches a manageable weight, stop putting books or CDs in. Fill up the rest of the space in the box with a pillow or a throw blanket to keep everything nice and tight.


When you first arrive at your home you’ll definitely need some items close at hand. Personal items, toiletries and medications are some of the important items. Other items that will make your first night could be basic cleaning supplies, paper plates, cups, drinks, snacks and toilet paper. A second box with bedding, first aid kit, and clothing for a day or two. After a day (or multiple days) of moving, sometimes the only thing you want to do is flop down and crash out for a bit. With a First-Out box on hand, you can do just that and leave the big job for the next day.   As with all moving related questions, we’re here for you! If you just have a question about how to pack up that sweet, sweet life-sized Kiss mannequin or would simply rather not pack anything at all, feel free to call us at 239-263-8081. We’ll be there with bells on to assist!

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