September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Yesterday, when we had (4) of our most senior staff members on a moving site in Naples, FL, moving several rare “carousel band organs”, I realized that in over 30 years in the industry we had never had the opportunity to handle such rare and intricate pieces.

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This organ filled up an entire room Several of these organs weighed in excess of 2000 pounds, fully assembled and single pieces were over 1400 lbs. Hand carved, ornately decorated, these massive machines were a challenge, even for our highly experienced staff. At the outset the going was a bit tricky. The client, who had moved these wonderful machines several times, knew everything there was to know about them. He had very specific instructions and, as can be expected, he was very nervous that something would happen. Within just a short time, however, he realized that the William C Huff team was more than qualified for the task. At the end of a long 14 hour day, every piece carefully in place in their new confines, the owner congratulated the staff on a performance that was “above and beyond” any other he had over the years. He asked me how I had such highly trained men and I explained it comes down to 3 basic principles:

  1. We do not have “high-turnover of staff, like most other Naples moving companies. Our average staff member has over 10 years of experience within the William C Huff Company.
  2. Unlike all other Naples, FL moving companies, we hire professionals to train our men on fine art handling. Often, rare pieces like the ones handled today, there are only one of a kind and knowledge of how to handle “any” irreplaceable piece is paramount.
  3. Oh, and our client answered the third reason why William C Huff is different than any other Naples, FL moving company…the owner (me), at 10 pm, was still with the crew and client, assuring that all went well!


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